12 Days Of Christmas Other News

Let me know if you guys want us to be open Christmas Eve to do a 12 days of Christmas workout.  That’s a Thursday so I think I’d cancel Open Gym anyways.  If not we’d do it on the 23rd, but it’s just not the same.  Plus you guys can bring mine and Dizzy’s presents that day.  I was thinking we could change out our Secret Santa for a White Elephant because only Krystal, Caitlin, and I were signed up… so that’s not guna work.  But, I think a White Elephant would be fun to do right after the 24th hours or the 23rd.  We can talk more as I see you tomorrow, but I need a response by everyone by mañana so that if can give those a chance to grab a gift that keeps giving… like a year membership… or something like that… probably just not as cool 😉

16th Of December Year 2020

I was thinking about a super cool Interval workout with some super sick movements that was guna be EPIC…. but let’s do Filthy Fifty instead.  It’s been a while since we hit this one and I figure with the best time of the year in our midst, why not!  Also, Dirty Thirty is acceptable… not for Melanie… she has to do Filthy Fifty.

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