Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Robin Laid An Egg!

If you are interested in some self gifting or looking to get your gift shopping started here is an idea!  A few weeks ago I mentioned they are doing the CommunityCoalition and it looks like some new brands jumped in on this one.  They sent me the link to you need to use.  It’s like the last one for the same reason.  Helping and rewarding the community from some stand up companies.  That’s it.  Pretty simple and pretty awesome.  This is a $200 dollar voucher (It is available now) from O2, Born Primitive, GORUCK, and 7 other brands redeemable until 12/25 for #NoQuitNovember.  It is to encourage gym members to continue paying their gym memberships during these crazy times.  Just use the link in blue down below.  NO CODE.  communitycoalition.fitness/noquit


Community Coalition

And some fun pics of the no digs with some Christmas vibes!

There were more… but pictures just don’t do Christmas lights justice.


7th Of December Year 2020

Back Squats
5×3 @80%+
***First Rep with a 3 Sec Pause at the bottom, Rep 2 & 3 are normal.

14 BallSlams
10 Slamball Walking Lunges
6 Clusters @75/55 or @105/70 or @135/95

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