Have you ever loved the product of something and hated the service?  I enjoy going to Lowe’s, but I dread going to Home Depot.  Lowe’s employees tend to have a smile on their face with amazing customer service.  I have only had a couple visits to Home Depot where I hadn’t regretted my visit (and I go often for supplies).   I hate going to Home Depot… and the times Caitlin is with me, I’ll immediately look over to her and tell her, “That’s exactly why I hate coming here!”  But, Home Depot has a better selection of products, and at times, better prices.  So, where do you decide to go?  I’m an observer by default and enjoy people watching.  Airports, department stores, and restaurants are some ideal hot spots.  There are many packed places that carry great products.  Just as it’s easy to teach the basics of human movement with an emphasis on functional movement…. knees out, elbows high, chest up

!  You can google these cues and get a satisfactory search result.  But, you can’t teach caring.  Look at the bathroom of a place.  If it’s unkept and neglected they just don’t care.  That, can’t be taught.

14th Of September Year 2020

Front Squat + Back Squat – (2+5) @75-80%
**Immediately rerack from Front Squat to Back Squat Building to a heavy, and staying within the percentages

Dumbbell Snatches @50/35
Thrusters @95/65

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