Planning For Thursday

12th Of August Year 2020

At Home workout for today.

Fight Gone Bad Style
3 Rounds Of:
1 Minute Wallcrawls
1 Minute Walking Lunges
1 Minute Hand Release Push-Ups
1 Minute GOAT Training (Your choice)
1 Minute Sit-Ups
Minute Rest

13th Of August Year 2020

Tomorrow we can anticipate a normal Thursday at the gym. To replace the training day for Wednesday, open gym from 3:30-5:30pm will have the planned workload I would have programmed.  It will still be open format, so you can come in with your own drills, skill, and individual focused work outs or do the one below.  5:30 will remain weightlifting for those focused on improving better movement patterns with specific attention to detail regarding these multi-joint, technical, complex Olympic Lifts and to get back on schedule from a missed training day from our cancelled Wednesday.  I hope a forced recovery day could be useful this week in retrospect for those that could have been in need of it, and come back running and firing on full cylinders ready to tackle some more training!  Maybe even make it in for some weightlifting and Brosesh….


Bench Press
3 Cycles of
5, 3, 1 reps
Looks like 5-3-1, 5-3-1, 5-3-1


Build to Heavy 3 Rep then..
Speed Work Deadlifts with 45-55% of Heavy 3 Established above:
4 Sets Of 6 Reps


Split Jerk
3×4 @70%1RM with 4th rep Hold at lockout for 10 seconds

Cal Row
Handstand Push-Ups
Front Squats – 1st Set @135/95, Last Set @225/155 (You choose in-between weights)

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