There Goes Karen Again


Saturday’s Brosesh provided a potent but sneakingly exposing workout.  I wanted to incorporate this “Kalsu” style and format of a workout to our normal programming this week.  What better way than to start out our week with just that!  For those that came for Brosesh, great job Saturday.  I almost waited to do this structure again, but thinking and knowing your toughness I went ahead with it.  You can do it.  Stay focused on this one.  Stay in the game.  Stay present.  These “Kalsu” workouts equally, if not more so, trains that between the ears.

Life is hard…. you can do hard.

10th Of August Year 2020

Build To A Heavy – 20 Minute Time Cap
Snatch Grip Push Press
Overhead Squat
Overhead Squat with a 10 Sec Pause

“Karen’s Revenge” (Not what it’s called, but it’s what I’m calling it)
**Beginning and at the top of each minute for every minute, complete 5-7 Toes To Bar (Range is for various abilities and approaches considering the demand and scalability of T2B’s). For the remainder of the minute complete as many Wallball Shots as possible until the next minute. Continue until 150 Wallballs are completed. Good Luck!!

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