Heroes Get Remembered But LEGENDS Never Die!

Train hard… recover fast… repeat!

“Testing your limits…. then expanding them.  It’s about being both amazed and amazing.”  I posted Eddie “The Beast” Hall doing this a little while back, now this was the previous world record holder for “Grace.”  Dan Bailey, aka Danny Broflex!

1st Of April Year 2020

8×10 Deadlifts @405/285

For Time:
30 Muscle Ups

60 Min Time Cap

I saw Chris Spealler doing the Hero workout “Chad.”  This is another high volume workout.  How are them legs feeling boys and girls!?  If your legs are too smoked from yesterday, text me and I will give you something else.  DON’T HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO ME!  Let’s keep moving, and keep your health and wellness a priority.  Fitness is what you can show me, and what you can do today.  Your current “Work capacity across broad time and modal domain.”  We train, imbedded in our methodology to “Move large loads, over long distances, quickly.”  Have you ever noticed why we don’t do bicep curls.  Nothings wrong with them, but that’s a single joint low distance and weighted movement… good for accessory work, but not for a max weight.  I’ve known people to tear their biceps.  Look at a pull-up… multi joint, complex, and BIG range of movement.  Same as a thruster… huge energy output, moving an external object through a significant range of movement. Kinematically, functionally, and ideally transferable towards a greater spectrum of demands and applications  Keep the goal of living longer what we are going after!  I hope everyone read up until this far…. because the first part was totally AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!  bahahaha!!  I hope you got a laugh out of that because you can imagine me writing right now giddy and giggling.  I just hope no one did all of that.  Don’t do it Sophia!!  lol.  But, calling people out… I guess I gotta give a shot out to our own Chad.  Hope you do this one buddy… cause it’s a good name and thought of you when I decided we’d hit this!

1000 Step Ups
***Preferably with a weight vest or weight backpack
***This is a Hero workout, but stay within your capabilities as it is another high volume leg workout.  Complete non-weighted to get to, or closer to, the prescribed reps.

2 Rounds Of DT (DT with be listed below)
10 Wallcrawls
2 Rounds Of DT
50 Step Ups or 150 Double Undersd
***DT is a another Hero workout, and like Cindy, has a prescribed sequence with reps and rounds.  We will only use the prescribed reps hero.
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks (Shoulder to overhead… so basically just get it overhead…. efficiently.  Save that back, so make sure your arms are behind your ears and don’t let your hips and knees drift forwards.  Lock those arms out and stay on your HEELS!)

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