The Game Is Going To Go On… Seize That Moment

The time has come!  It’s here!  Finally!  What happens when a tornado meets a volcano??  You’re about to find out!  Our In-House competition “Game Of Podiums” is tomorrow.  By design, these workout are within our wheel house as a whole, and structured to meet the demands of the training we’ve been exposed to and developed.  I hope this gives some insight into the future fruit of our efforts and willingness to proceed into building your capacity across broad time and modal domains!  This has been a learning experience for me as well.  It has been a great absence doing anything like this since the Aggie Games the Kinesiology Club hosted in these walls those many years ago.  Thank you Bart for showing up today at our judges meeting to discuss the workouts and standards this event will consist of.  Callin’ all ATHLETES!  Check-In for the event will commence during Friday Night Lights at 5:30pm tomorrow!  We will check you in, and this is the time we will be going over everything!  Movement standards, requirements, complete workout reveals and explanations in their entirety, as well as all Q and A’s.  There are some very specific details that will need to be addressed for some of these more eccentric workouts… some of these workouts has regulations that need to be understood by everyone (Those will change the game!).  ALL REGISTRATION FEES MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO THE STANDARD BRIEFING.  Let’s have fun this weekend and don’t forget about Luis and Jazzy’s after party Saturday at 7pm at their NEW house!  One more thing…. Please try to be punctual… I wanted to break this event into two days so that it didn’t end up being such a looooooooong day.  Friday Night Lights should be a quick evening… if everyone shows up on time.  Tardiness only set everyone else back and it will end up being a late night and you have an early morning for a Saturday.  That being said, Friday is designed and structured to be a relatively quick evening of competition and I will do my best not to keep you here super late.  Please help me out on this people.  Saturday is similar as well.  We don’t have too many teams so it should last about half a day…. Plan accordingly.  I mentioned the other day on the blog about meal, snack, and hydration prepping for competition days.  I encourage everyone to be prepared…. Sprouts is literally walking distance… and I sure do like their sushi…. just saying.  Good luck to all the ATHLETES competing tomorrow for Friday Night Lights and for the dreadful… Uh, I mean normal Saturday day of competition.  I am incredibly proud of everyone!

24th Of January Year 2020

EMOM 14 – Alternating
30 Sec Clean and Jerks (You pick the load!! You can make this a heavy EMOM for those 30 secs or lots of reps and for more volume!!)
30 Sec Toes To Bar

Absolute Carnage!
**This is the second workout that was hinted on the CFLOTW Instagram page earlier this week. I think the name holds to its stimulus 😉
BUS Burpees
Handstand Push-Ups
**Ascending weights for every round! The round of 21 is light (relative to deadlifts). The round of 15 is moderate (relative to deadlifts). And, the round of 9 is heavISH (relative to deadlifts). Enjoy.

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