Back to business…back to the GRIND as they say… to our regular scheduled program… well kinda. Listed below are our New Year’s week class hours. I hoped everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as they could with family and friends. I didn’t post nearly anything except for our “Revised,” post here. I even fell behind on keeping up on the Gram! I had a crummy 48 hours this past week and didn’t do much other than pop pills (Prescribed ones of course). Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas, and my birthday didn’t feel like my birthday. My parents were brave and I got to see them for a bit that day, and that made it better. But! I want to make the most of this week and enter the New Year with a one year anniversary of CFLOTW with new ideas, new friends, and excitement.  Tomorrow’s workout is just an overall “goodie.”  We just need to move and get the engine running for a bit as we may have been parked for awhile.  For health and wellness our constantly varied functional movements at relatively high intensities is an optimal and ideal methodology that illustrates the understanding of the body and its active and prospective potential for the demands and needs of life through the longevity of a lifespan.  That’s really just what today is.  Just moving and breathing hard with a sprinkle of skill and a touch of well roundedness…… and a lot of comradery.  High fives and barbells… that’s the motto going into 2020!  See you tomorrow everyone!


Monday:  Regular Schedule
Tuesday:  6am, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm only
Wednesday:  10am ONLY
Thursday:  Regular Schedule
Friday:  Regular Schedule
Saturday:  Regular Schedule

30th Of December Year 2019

Back Squat

Hang Power Cleans @135/95
Toes To Bar
Front Squat @135/95
Hand Release Push-Ups

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