Murph Success


What an awesome turn out we had for our first official Memorial Day Murph! Great atmosphere with great people. It’s always one of my favorite days at the gym. It’s a great way to celebrate what this holiday is about, and I was beyond excited to see that so many of you came in, on your day off, to join the tradition of honoring those that paid the ultimate price. I hope the murph prep days were helpful. I felt that it was actually easier than some of the other prep days we had… I’d love to hear feedback from you guys if you felt the same.
We have an a big membership of service personal and to thank you all for your service is what this day of remembrance is all about… I also like to say that are service people are also some of the most genuine and good people I know. I’ve wanted to get some photos from Laura Bryant, because if you don’t know, Josh Bryant just made it to his retirement. If you were lucky to see his post of his last call made… Wooooahh! That gave me goosebumps cause he is such a great guy in and out of the uniform. Thank you all!!

28th Of May Year 2019

OHS – 5×3

***If you did Murph yesterday, this OHS portion may be taken a different approach. We will cover more thoroughly in class but keep in mind they can be used as a way to restore some range of motion compromised from a workout like Murph. With as many push-ups and pull-ups as you did yesterday I added OHS for those that weren’t here but for us we don’t always have to treat these portion of class as a strength and approach t different for different benefits…. such as active recovery, take additional mobility prep, restoration, etc.

Ladder increasing by 3’s
DB Power Cleans

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