Memorial Day Murph


We will be having our annual Memorial Day Murph on Monday at 10am!  So… That means we’ll start at 10.  I’ll be there around 9, but be here at 9:30 so we can do our group warm up and then start at 10.  A few people have asked if we are doing anything after… ummm Heck Yea!!  If you want to go to The Game we can all use a post recovery meal and replenish our glycogen storages after Murph.  I don’t have many vests (I have 2 extras that can be used… first come first served on them) so, if you have one bring it to use as the workout is prescribed with body armor or weight vest.  If you have an extra one that you don’t mind someone else using I’m sure that someone will greatly appreciate the added stimulus and accept all them gainz from it!

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