Go Fast.. Don’t Stop.. and Then Go Faster!

We’ve had a couple of days with some long workouts. Time to switch it up with none other than… FRAN! I like for you to come in with your old Fran time to compare with, and if you don’t have one or your first Fran… today you have one! If you are comparing your previous or best Fran time, use it as a guide. Use it as something to shoot for and aim towards. This is the biggest, most common bench mark work out these is in the CrossFit world. So try to get a new best Fran time that comes with bragging rights!! Also, in some form or fashion make tomorrow’s time recordable and accessible. This will come up in the future as it is coming up again for those that have done it before… time to best out that old journal and see where we are. That’s what I like about this evidence based fitness program. It is measurable, observable, and repeatable. Make your efforts count by logging this stuff down somewhere for the times they come up we can access that information and use it towards our own advantage.

22nd Of May Year 2019



3 Sets of:
20 GHDs
90 Sec Plank
60 Sec Weighted Plank
30 Sec Even more weighted Plank!
2 Min Double Under Practice
***If you have Double Unders practice handstand walks***

↓↓↓The story of Fran!! ↓↓↓ CEO and Founder of CrossFit talks about how he came up with Fran.

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