Are We Legit Yet?


A few moves and updates you’ll notice tomorrow!  First off, we use to have a really cool PR bell that was given to the gym as a gift.  John Avila had a bell made for us with the engraved quote I always use to say and still love, “Do the common uncommonly well.”  We squat, and deadlift, and pull, and jump and do so many common movements that are part of life.  What we do in CrossFit is to do, and learn to do, these movements UNCOMMONLY WELL.  We have a word for it and it is called “Virtuosity.”  Many years ago we had a drop in from out of state come into our gym and had done CrossFit for as long as your dear coach.  I mentioned this term and talked like any other day, but specifically about this meaning and he came up to me after and told me that saying alone meant a lot to him when he first started… we became besties after that.  This PR bell should hold us out till we get our official “bell” again.  And specifically for John… you won’t have to do your dips in the “shame corner,” anymore haha.  I think this will be much more accessible, and just looks way cooler!  You know you’re legit when you got competition plates hanging on the wall!

21st Of May Year 2019

Min 0-5
3 Hand Power Cleans
Min 6-11
3 Power Clean and Jerks

FINALLY got stocked with some ropes for rope climbs… sooooo, we gotta break them in!!

5 Rounds of:
4 Rope Climbs
8 HSPU’s ( Use a deficit if you can)
16 Kettlebell Swings @2 Pood!!
24 Box Jump Overs

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