Triple The Fun

Split Jerk should be what we rely on when things get heavy. So, let’s work on the foot work involved with this very technical movement. We will cover the angles to seek and obtain for this lift before, and if you ever get a chance see Gaskins do some… it’ a thing of beauty! The 3 minute L-hold is to get ready for that beach bod… that pool bod! Gotta start early for that. These “I love me muscles” take an absurd amount to time to develop, but the stronger the core we can get, the stronger we become. The penalty is there to use as an incentive to fight to hold that L-Hold just a little bit longer… sometimes all we need is a little incentive, or a little push, to be able to push back. No one wants to do extra burpees. Now the workout itself is simple, but not easy. Like many things in life, “simple but not easy” remember this. But, if you throttle back it will be a breeze, a nice and easy one. My English professor in college told us never to start a sentence with, “but” but, that’s one of my favorite ways to start a sentence. I’m such a rebel. So, push that peddle to the metal and be a racehorse out of the gate on this one! Remember it’s Friday… so smile! 😀

Split Jerk – 5×3

***Every time you come down there will be a 5 Burpee Penalty!!***

Hang Power Cleans @135#
Toes To Bar

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