Spirit Of The Open… Runner Up?

Put in your calendars that April 13th is booked! Family reunion at the park.. CrossFit fam that is. We are planning a Potluck BBQ at Youngs Park after brosesh this day. With all the family reunion fun. Three legged races, potato sack races, spikeball, flag football, horseshoes, food, and drinks! It’ll be right before Easter and with Spring time, we figured it’d be a perfect time for some Family Reunion fun! More on this later.

So Spirit of the Open award. I’ve been thinking and I think the award should go to none other than Andres Villalobos! I know, I know thank you, but I can’t win my own award so the runner up award goes to…. J.J.!! J.J. not only got his first muscle up this Open but, also was training for the Bataan at the same time. That is no easy feat. Many of you actually did the same which made this decision extremely difficult to narrow it down to one person. J.J. also came in extra early to mobilize and stretch out on Saturday’s before anyone else showed up. The extra effort and commitment to make this Open a true and serious competition was noted J.J.! Congrats brotha! He will be receiving a 50 dollar gift certificate to Rogue, a certificate to make it official,and a 10 minute should rub from yours truly 😉

Honorary mention: Sofia and Desirae! These two girls… excuse me, ladies, have been nothing but amazing. Everyone was like where did Sofia come from, but Sofia gets up and comes early in the morning at her young age to get her workout in, comes to brosesh, and I have seen her progress and continue to get better and better. Desirae had an amazing moment in the Open. The snatch and burpee workout. She asked me if she should do Rx’d, I looked at her and all I said was yes and she did it. Well 65# was her PR and she did that for the entire workout. After she tells me that was her PR, actually I think she told me she never had snatched 65# before, but personally that showed value that she trusted her dear ol coach… and it was just freakin awesome to watch! haha. These ladies will be receiving gift cards as well.

Tabata – Alternating
Air Squats
Hand Release Push-Ups

Conditioning Pt. 2
20 Wallballs
10 Power Snatches

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