Muscle Ups finally show! I think they main strategy involved this week is on the second three rounds. If you kinda have muscle ups, it’s going to be managing your fatigue and failed reps. Which leads me to my next tip… I wouldn’t recommend muscle snatching. Power snatch from the beginning and save those shoulders. It’s all about the shoulders here. Use as much legs on the snatches so catch underneath it and don’t press it out. This will be kinda be like last week where the tiebreak time will be the primary focus you want to go after it with everything you have! Also, there is a pretty generous break that I believe is there very intentionally. We rarely hit workouts at this intensity and this hard. Kind of like Fran. And then we can get to some Muscle-Ups!

I use to seek out motivational videos every chance I had. I don’t really do that anymore, because I found that when there wasn’t a video out there I was left without motivation. So, I stopped seeking external motivators. Then you can always look internally, but even then I had problems finding consistency because I had limitations. So, now, I seek out He who is within me for all this because He who is within has no limitations. But, this use to be one my favorites.

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