A Raging Wild Fire

Great job on 19.2. It was a tough one! I hope it sparks the flame that runs like wild fire to your goals. Keep in mind, the substance that turns off the flame at a miniscule state is what causes it to spread wildly at a major state. A candle plows out easily and is fragile… but a forest fire becomes more damaging with wind. The wind is influential either way… how we react to it, and effected by it, determines how hot our fire is burning. Make it a wild fire that can not to blown out at the sight of moving air. The wind only aggravates the fire and make the fire burn more territory. That’s true to anything in life… so yes, again, “It’s like life.” Keep the fire burning that lights the path into the future.

In Vegas you gotta pay to play.  This workout has a buy in, and a cash out, sandwiching 21 Rounds.  In blackjack if you get 21 it’s “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!”

4th Of March Year 2019


21 Deadlifts @315/205

21 Rounds of:
1 Power Clean @225 or about 80% of 1RM Clean
2 Wallcrawls
4 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
6 BUS Burpees

21 Deadlifts @315/205




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