From The Hat

I wanted to do these “From The Hat” days every other Friday, but with the Open going on for the next month, we’ll have to put that on hold.  Buuuut aren’t some rules meant to be broken?

I’m working on getting some sweet gym gear.  T-Shirts, hats, stickers, shaker bottles, water bottles… swag!  For now, I wanted to make some workout books to log your workouts and PR’s.  But you can get any ol’ journal and do that.  So I wanted make something a little classier.  Leather bound books and smells of rich mahogany… can you guess what movie that’s from?  Plus you guys are deserve nice things.  I have several books that I’ve recorded for years now throughout my CrossFit career.  It’s pretty amazing to see the process through years from this big evidence based fitness experiment I’ve measured.  And it’s just cool to see it down on paper.  I filled this one with 80 pages of grey parchment paper, and completely handmade.  Classy… I know.  I’ll probably only make these only on pre-orders cause it took the a while longer than I expected.  This one is light brown and I also have dark brown leather.  They can be made differently as well if you have a certain idea for one.  They’ll be a bit pricey cause of the leather cost (50).


27th Of February Year 2019

From The Hat!

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