Is The WOD Up Yet?

Friday is here again.  Two weeks ago we did it and it’s here again!  It doesn’t get any more true to being generally physically prepared for whatever life brings at you than literally picking a workout out of a hat.  It’s a pretty cool hat too.  I may or may not have been bucked off (a horse) with it on.  I mentioned to each class that this is really how the inaugural CrossFit Games were designed.  They filled balls with workouts, reps, movements, and various times and picked them like your lottery tickets… except here everyone’s a winner!

What movement do you think, “Please, oh please let it not be……” Perhaps that may be what we can put on the GOALS Board.  Until that feeling goes away then it is not a weakness.  Mine is Rowing.  Oh how I hate that thing.  More than anything else in fitness I despise rowing.


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