Thank You :)

Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes today!  It was a great day from start to finish and you were a big reason why, in addition to my wonderful family of course. This gym truly has the best gym members and words tend to fall short in expressing the gratitude, but still thank you all for the love!  See you all mañana!

28th Of December Year 2021

3 Sets Of:
8 Barbell Roll Outs
30 Sec Heavy Weighted Plank
10 Knee Raises with 3 Sec Pause @ Top
2 Minute GOAT Training

2 Round Of:
20 Hang Power Cleans @95/65
15 Box Jumps

Immediately Into…

3 Rounds Of:
10 Power Cleans 145/100 or 185/125
15 Toes To Bar
40 Double Unders

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