“Lift. Move. Work.”

Another big and loud congratulation to our Legend Of The Month David Carrillo for his spirit and valiant effort over the months and hours spent in and out of the gym.  Great job buddy and keep up the good work!


Do you like the Open?  Are you like me and can’t wait for the next season to come??  Wellllllllll… CrossFit HQ has announced another Open like, online, competition later this month from Oct 21st – Oct 25th called “Lift, Move, Work”.  Similar to the Open, workouts can be submitted from Thursday to Monday from the crossfit.games.com platform and athlete accounts.  Unlike the Open though, there will only be the one window to complete and submit scores (so kinda like the Quarterfinals) and will not be over multiple weeks.  Below are some screen shots of the workouts as they have already been announced.  I am enjoying some of these changes that CrossFit has been making and adding in throughout the calendar and the Sport Of CrossFit season!  Rogue did use to have their “Rogue Lift Off” that I REALLY enjoyed, and these are some more new events that are keeping people of all walks of like motivated and excited to compete and help affiliates through their training.  I really like these workouts.  I need to remember to tell Dave Castro thanks for such great workouts… he must have been paying attention when I told him to make a 4 min Max Bar Muscle Up and 4 Minute Max Cleans event.  LOL.  Kinda kidding.  I do really like the programming, especially the 8 Min AMRAP.  It pretty much mirrors some of our workouts.  Funny that sometimes there’s a reason to how, and why, we do what we do 😉


8th Of October Year 2021

Establish a Heavy 2-4 Rep Max of “Your Choice” Movement on the Barbell!

15 Overhead Squats @75/55
700m Row
15 Overhead Squats @95/65
30 Box Jumps
15 Overhead Squats @115/80
30 Handstand Push-Ups

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